What Size File For a Stihl MS 250? Chainsaw & Drill Review

What Size File For a Stihl MS 250?

What Size File For a Stihl MS 250 The question of what size file for a Stihl MS 250 price review is an important one. The STIHL ROUND FILE is a good Stihl MS 250 choice for this saw, but what size file does a Stihl MS 250 need? The Stihl MS series uses 0.050 inch to 0.063 inch chain gauge, so it is important to choose the right one for your specific saw.
What Size File For a Stihl MS 250? Chainsaw

What Size File For a Stihl MS 250?

The chain length is an important part of the chainsaw. For the best performance, make sure you choose the right chain. The Stihl MS 250 uses a 3/8″ or 0.325″ pitch. To find the correct chain size, measure the distance between the center of each rivet and divide the distance by two to find the chain pitch. The next step is to find the correct size file for your Stihl.

When it comes to chainsaw chains, a Stihl chainsaw is no different. The only difference is the type of chain. A Stihl MS 250 uses a 13/64″ pitch. Its smallest chain is the 3/8″ model. A 3/8″ pitch is perfect for most Stihl models. The larger chain will require a larger file. A Stihl chain saw chain requires a larger file.

The Stihl chain saw uses a 3/8″ pitch, which is the same as the standard size for a saw. This means that the file for a Stihl MS 250 is 0.325″ wide. The same goes for the chainsaw. The size you use should match the chain. If you want to use a different chainsaw, the smaller chainsaw has a lower pitch.

The Stihl ms 250 chain saw uses a 3/8″ pitch. This is a standard measurement that allows you to adjust the length of your chainsaw. Usually, the chain saw chain has a 0.325″ pitch. A 0.325″ chain is the same as a standard 0.25″. It should be the same length. The ms 250’s drive link needs a 14/64″ chain, and vice versa.

The Stihl ms 250 uses a 3/8″ pitch. The drive lugs are located on the underside of the chain. The ms 250 uses a 3/8-inch pitch for a chain saw. The same size file is used for a 0.325-inch chain. If you’re using a STIHL ms 250, you should use the same one.

The ms 250 uses a 3/8-inch-inch pitch. Its chain saw has a high-quality chain. Its ms250 is a high-end model, which means the chain has a low-pitch. The ms250 is an excellent chain saw for the home. Its powerful chain has a 0.325-inch pitch.

Unlike other chain saws, the ms250 has a chain with a 0.325-inch pitch. If your ms250 isn’t using this size, you should purchase a different one. Generally, the Stihl ms250 uses a 0.325-inch chain. The ms250’s drive lugs are located on the outside edge of the bar. The file should be the same size.

If your ms250 is equipped with a micro chisel cutter, you should use a 13/64″-inch file. The ms250 has a low-pitch chain, which is a good choice for smaller projects. However, you should always check the parts’ specs before purchasing replacement chains. It is important to use the correct size of chainsaw chain.

The chainsaws for ms250s are available in different sizes. The 90PX series, for example, uses a 4.5-mm file. This is an intermediate size between three- and five-quarter inch files. If you have a smaller ms250, the 4.5-mm file will be perfect for you. It will make ms250s sharper and more efficient.


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