Who Makes Stihl Pressure Washers? Chainsaw & Drill Review

Who Makes Stihl Pressure Washers?

Who Makes Stihl Pressure Washers Stihl makes high-pressure washers that are known for their powerful cleaning ability. Pressure Washers Stihl These pressure washers are designed to clean everything from professional equipment to decks and outdoor furniture. Depending on which model you purchase, you can use up to 600 psi for a thorough cleaning. Some Stihl models have an adjustable psi regulator and detergent injector system. Some models even come with 13-inch pneumatic tires to help you move the machine easily.
Who Makes Stihl Pressure Washers? Other Machines

Who Makes Stihl Pressure Washers?

One of the most popular pressure washers from Stihl is the Stihl RE 110. This model is the most powerful and has a 120 bar max pressure. The water volume is 380-440 liters per minute. The Stihl RB 400 is a commercial pressure washer. This model is designed for industrial use and has a seven-horsepower engine.

RB400: The RB400 pressure washer from Stihl comes with the standard documentation. The model comes with an owner’s manual and oil. This pressure washer can be used by professionals and is fully assembled. This tool is available at a price of $349. There are several models to choose from. The RB 800 has a 14-horsepower engine that delivers 4,200 psi at four GPM.

RB 800: The RB800 is a professional-grade pressure washer. It features vibration dampers. Some pressure washers are made to last for 20 or more jobs. The RB800 is an industrial-grade pressure washer with engine vibration dampers between the motor and the body. The dampers reduce the engine’s vibration and make it less damaging. It also helps to prevent the pump from causing damage to the pressure washer body.

RB 400: The RB 400 has a 14-horsepower engine. It comes with a wand and a spray gun. Its owner’s manual and the usual documentation are included with the RB400. The RB400 is the most powerful of the two models. Having a wand allows you to reach high places, and the engine can be easily repositioned.

RB 400: This professional pressure washer is a high-pressure machine for commercial and industrial applications. Its maximum pressure is 120bar. Its water pump has a two-stage cleaning system. The RB400 has a four-stage cycle and a dual nozzle. When you need to clean a concrete patio, the RB400 is best for this type of work. Aside from the RB400, the RB800 has several other features.

Who Makes Stihl Pressure Washers? Other Machines

RB 400: This pressure washer has a compact body that fits well into any garage or storage area. Its nozzles are angled to ensure the best coverage for hard surfaces, and the nozzle is adjustable. A 7-horsepower engine is needed to power the RB400, which puts out 3,200 psi in three gallons per minute. A 14-horsepower engine powers the RB800, giving you a choice between four and five gallons of water at a time.

RB600: Designed for commercial and industrial use, this pressure washer is a powerful gasoline-powered machine with a seven-horsepower engine. RB800: The RB800 is the most powerful industrial high-pressure washer, with a 14.2 horsepower engine and 4.0 gallons per minute of water. It has a 240-volt lithium-ion battery that’s ideal for industrial use.

The RE 110: A compact and neat body is key to this pressure washer. Its high-pressure engine is suitable for commercial and industrial work, with a maximum of 120 bar. The RB600 offers a seven-horsepower engine, and it has a 410-gpm output. The RB800 is a more powerful machine, with 14 horsepower and a pump that delivers up to 4,000 psi.

The RE 110: A compact and powerful pressure washer, the RE 110 is a good option for most outdoor jobs. Its 25-foot high-pressure hose is equipped with hooks, allowing you to store the hose while you are working. A Stihl RE110 is a powerful pressure washer with five nozzles and an integrated detergent tank. The RB110 is a great pressure washer for most outdoor jobs.

The RB 400: The RB400 is the most powerful of the Stihl pressure washers. Its size is perfect for outdoor jobs. The RB400 is easy to store and move and has five nozzles for different uses. Aside from the RB400, it also comes with a storage compartment and a trigger lock mechanism. There are also low-oil protection and a thermal relief valve.

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